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If you love seeing pictures of your kids, family, and friends upon returning to your PC and viewing your screensaver, I would like to show you an easy way to make a screensaver with your own photos here.

Picasa includes its own screensaver which displays photos using various visual effects while your computer is inactive. You can configure the screensaver to show photos from various sources, including:

- Picasa's special Screensaver and/or Starred Photos albums
- Specific folders on your computer
- Albums in your Picasa Web Albums account

First of all, you have to install this 100% free photo software 'Picasa' in your hard disk. You may now  .

The screensaver must be activated before it will run. Only two steps to make your own screensaver.

1. Select photos that you want to be showed in the screensaver and go to "Create" > "Add to Screensaver"


2. Go to menu "Tools" > "Configure Screensaver". It will be launched to the "Display Properties" control panel so that you may further configure the screensaver. On the "Screen Saver" tab, the Picasa Screensaver is selected for you automatically. Press the "Settings" button to launch the Picasa Screensaver's configuration dialog. In the dialog, you will see two tabs, one called "Photo Sources" and one called "Visual Presentation."


Photo Sources
Use the checkboxes to turn each photo source on or off. Once a source is turned on, the "Configure" button for that source will become active. Press the "Configure..." button to see options specific to that photo source.

Visual Presentation
This tab allows you to choose the visual effect the screensaver uses to present your photos. Use the drop-down box to choose an effect. A preview of the effect will begin to animate. Some effects allow you to specify a time interval between transitions. In this case, a slider will appear which you can use to modify the time between transitions.



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